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Production of Foil keyboards, instrument panels
2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400 | +36 30 839 6880 | info@flextec.hu


Address: 2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400
Telephone: +36 30 839 6880
E-mail: info@flextec.hu

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About us

We started our activity with the name of FLEXTEC HUNGÁRIA Ltd. in 2008 in producing foil keyboards and instrument panels with a team having several years of experience.

In 2011, our company had undergone significant developments. We moved to a new premises in Kiskunhalas, which is formed according to the standards of printery. The modernization involved the complete renewal of our previous equipment fleet and extension of our technology.

We pay stressed attention to the continuous developments from the beginning and this way we can guarantee the predictable quality, the stable price of our products and the good  reputation of our firm.

The keystones of the operation of our company:

1. Quality

  • We only process primary materials of top quality, internationally recognized global brands.
  • Each new product designs are subjected to extensive testing that includes full electrical test (leading, insulation, chattering, etc.), length of life testing and mechanical inspection.
  • 100% functional electrical monitoring at all outgoing product.

2. Reliability

We give particular attention to comply with the confirmed production deadlines. For the sake of this:

  • We apply a well developed production planning system.
  • We are in continuous connection with our suppliers.

3. Efficiency

Our goal is to achieve the shortest possible delivery times.

  • Continuous production development policy. The goal is reducing losses to a minimum and maximizing efficiency.

4. Meeting customer needs

  • We consider important to realize our customers’ unique and special needs.

5. Environmental protection

  • All of components of our products comply with RoHS standards.
  • We pay special attention to the conscious waste management.