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Production of Foil keyboards, instrument panels
2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400 | +36 30 839 6880 | info@flextec.hu


Address: 2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400
Telephone: +36 30 839 6880
E-mail: info@flextec.hu

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Industrial labels

Industrial labels are excellent for equipment, machinery or as marking system of the electrical equipment as far as the long lifetime of markings, preserving authenticity (e.g. identification signs), high environmental resistance (outdoor UV effect, strong chemicals, oil etc) are important.


  • Safety technology and environmental protection labels / markings
  • Health and safety standards labels / markings
  • Identification plates / equipment texts

The marking systems can be made with the following technologies:

  • Print protected by specific resistance foil
  • Solvent-based print
  • Solvent-based print protected by UV lacquer layer
  • Toner-based print bound with UV light
  • Laser engraved surface