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Production of Foil keyboards, instrument panels
2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400 | +36 30 839 6880 | info@flextec.hu


Address: 2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400
Telephone: +36 30 839 6880
E-mail: info@flextec.hu

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Membrane keyboards

Membrane keyboards technical datasheet & User manual

Foil keyboard is a popular design of switch and control units spread at instrument industry.

Its advantages over other traditional solutions:

  • Excellent usability in extreme conditions. Extreme uses include installation in outdoor, high-altitude and dry environment. They withstand extreme temperature and pressure variations.
  • Its installation is simple (strong adhesive layer can be sticked on most surfaces), requires a small place on the front part of the unit (from total thickness of 0,5 mms).
  • The design of electrical control panel is simplified by inner circuit layout of the keyboard.
  • Cost-effective solution for large and medium scale productions.
  • Hygienic, easy to clean user surface.
  • Long life, 1 million - 5 million keystrokes.

General types:

  • Foil switching, touch type: the contact surface is the conductive layer on the inner side of the graphic foil, which in case of touch closes the circuit of the lower contact foil.
  • Foil switching, switching feeling: The contact surface is on the inner side of the curved graphic foil, which in case of press rotates and closes the circuit of the bottom contact foil.
  • Click effect: Molded stainless steel domes are built to the circuit of the lower contact foil, which provides a high-precision (swing ahead to a determined power) and chattering-free switching. From the switch the user can be informed by the click effect.

Graphic solutions:

Graphic design is made by using sieve printing and digital printing technology. Design foils can be realized by a variety of surface structures.

General foil types:

  • Dull-velvet structure foil
  • Finely structured fine-type foil
  • Bright Foils

Display windows:

  • It is possible to make water clear window to dull foils (for displays). These windows have high hardness (high scratch resistance) and chemical resistance.
  • Coloured (dull transparent and water clear transparent) windows, for LEDs and displays.


By default, UV resistance of windows is not provided, so the outdoor application requires different technology!

Keys embossing:

Buttons of the keyboard and the front foils can be made with different patterned and height embossing. The possible forms of design can be seen here.


Electrical formings

Switching arrangements:


LED integration

If you wish we can integrate SMD LED's into the keypad. LED's inserted with conductive silver paste, help with dispenser machine. All placed LED's protected with UV cured glue.




The flexible outlet of the keyboard can be connected to the control electronics in two ways.

  1. The outlet is equipped with clincher or crimped terminal with connector housing. In this case the connector of the control panel can be a standard 2:54 pin header, too.


        2.The outlet is made to ZIF/FFC connection, which is beneficial for smaller spacing (from 1.25 mm).