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Production of Foil keyboards, instrument panels
2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400 | +36 30 839 6880 | info@flextec.hu


Address: 2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400
Telephone: +36 30 839 6880
E-mail: info@flextec.hu

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Membrane keypad and industrial overlay panel production technology has need complex processes, know-how and high practiced man power. In our factory have separeted, high equipped printing department, mechanical department, assembly department garantee the high quality end products fast and effective production.

Main machines: 

- Argon high format flat bad screen printing machine

- ZS-01 type precision semi automatic screen printing machine

- Innoflex 4kW UV curing machine

- Medium format, flat bad, vacuum table digital (CMYK+W) UV printer

- Innoflex high format vacuum screen exposure machine

- Maxima 80 cutting machine

- Bodor 90W Co2 laser cutting machine

- 12t Hidraulic heat forming press machine

- Semi automatic terminal crimping machine

- 400 x 600 mm work size 5kW CNC milling machine

- Precision paste dispenser machine