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Production of Foil keyboards, instrument panels
2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400 | +36 30 839 6880 | info@flextec.hu


Address: 2/a Zalán street, Kiskunhalas, Hungary, H-6400
Telephone: +36 30 839 6880
E-mail: info@flextec.hu

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We pay special attention to the quality management of our products.

The examinations include inter-production inspection as per the technological processes and the final tests and measurements before the delivery of the products.

Our company has ISO 9001:2015 Management System, audited by SGS!


You can download our quality policy from here: FLEXTEC HUNGARIA KFT. Quality Policy


Quality Assurance

  • All our products have a complete and independent documentation, which includes all the technology and manufacturing information and process. These are stored in our unique developed ERP system. Thanks to it all actual and former production data (process info, control draws, special attentions, etc.) available for operators.


  • Tahnks to high attention of quality control of production processes we can detect the faults in time and we can reduce the waste production. The control cover the thorough printing quality inspection, size measurements and electrical test.

  • Our products are delivered with a unique identifier, by which a full life cycle of a product can be retrieved.